Harvest of Health at AGF Retail

For the second consecutive year, Harvest of Health will have a stand at AGF Retail in Houten (NL). On the exhibition floor retailers can familiarize themselves with the various products sold under the Harvest of Health label, meet the growers behind the products, and exchange ideas.

Participate and win
Retailers also have a chance to win a display rack. Presentation of products is an important aspect for a retailer. The display rack makes for a nice presentation. Entering the drawing is simple: we just ask that visitors complete a questionnaire on one of the iPads at the stand, and those who do are automatically entered for a chance to win a display rack.

Harvest of Health products
Harvest of Health products are exceptional. They are known for their rich, sweet flavour and deep red colour. These tomatoes owe their attractive red colour to the high natural concentration of lycopene. Regular monitoring and quality controls ensure that these characteristics are maintained throughout the year.

Harvest of Health sweet pepper
The Harvest of Health product line has recently been expanded and now includes not only tomatoes but also a very sweet orange pepper. The sweet pepper is cultivated by Zwingrow, which has worked on this new variety with great passion and dedication. This sweet pepper has an attractive shape, good flavour, and distinguishes itself through its healthy nutrient composition. The pepper has a high selenium content, for example, which helps your body rid itself of toxins.

Complete range
With aromatic vine tomatoes, flavourful cocktail tomatoes, delicious sweet mini vine cherry tomatoes, and orange peppers, retailers can offer a complete selection. The high quality of this product line is not only reflected by the product characteristics but also by the appearance of the boxes and the content of the marketing communication.
The Harvest of Health growers happily help retailers convey the Harvest of Health message to consumers and therefore deliver more than just tomatoes. So it should come as no surprise that there are now also many greengrocers’ shops with Harvest of Health posters hanging in the windows and brochures available at the counter.

The Harvest of Health products are grown by members Lans, "Agro Care":, Royal Pride Holland, and Zwingrow.

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