Sweet pointed pepper copy copy

This product is suitable for:
  • Stir fried and sautéed
  • Salad
  • To snack
  • Oven and grill

Sweet and hardly any seeds

Sweet pointed pepper

Red pointed sweet peppers are sweeter than normal peppers. Delicious as a snack, in a salad, grilled or stuffed and roasted in the oven. An advantage of the sweet pointed pepper is that it has few seeds and is so it’s perfect as a ‘ready-to-eat’ pepper. That makes this pepper easy to use.

  • Rich in fibre
  • Naturally a source of vitamin C, E en B6
  • Comes in the most flavoursome varieties: Palermo, Rashford and RZ35-1244
  • Pointed in shape and hardly any seeds.
  • Exceptionally sweet
Weight Availability Brix
90-115 g. Year round 8