Less packaging and more sustainable solutions. No plastic waste and no wastage.

We are committed to introducing circular business operations from farm to fork. In practice, this means not only using as little water as possible and taking a conscious approach to greenhouse gas emissions, but also using recyclable packaging and packaging made from recycled materials. Our ambition is to avoid using virgin plastic unnecessarily. For plastic packaging, we choose materials that are easy to recycle, such as PET, PP, and PE, as well as recycled materials, such as rPET, where possible. Our choice of materials is aligned with the options available for recycling in the destination country. We also use cardboard for our packaging. We continuously engage with our buyers and knowledge institutions to find new ways to improve our packaging. Our goal: by 2030, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable and, wherever possible, suitable for re-use – all the while ensuring that we prevent food from being wasted due to decay or damage. We do not package products that can withstand a few knocks without packaging or which will be eaten in the near future. We do, however, package products that are fragile. This gives the products a longer shelf life and helps us to prevent food wastage. After all, food waste has a far greater impact than packaging