Taste the love and passion in every bite

We ♥ Amorena tomatoes. The Amorena tomato has a deep red colour – the colour of love – and an intensely sweet flavour.
The grower of these lovely little tomatoes is fluent in the language of love – l'amour you can taste in every tomato. Irresistibly sweet and deliciously crunchy. These tomatoes come straight from the heart.



Taste, savour, and you’ll soon agree: these tomatoes were grown with love.

  • The name Amorena comes from ‘amour’, the French word for ‘love’. After all, French is the language of love.
  • The tomatoes are intensely sweet. Of the many incredibly delicious mini cherry vine tomatoes that we grow, we select only the very best, most sweetest tomatoes for Amorena.
  • The tomatoes deserve a beautiful and remarkable packaging.
  • Every pack contains eighteen carefully selected tomatoes.
  • Our grower Philip van Antwerpen grows Amorena tomatoes in Tunisia under the Fairtrade label, because we love people just as much as we do tomatoes.
  • Amorena will be available from April 2023.