Discover our sustainable story!

Sustainability is in our DNA.

We grow our salads in a sustainable and innovative manner. We deliver on a promise: we are the source of a healthy life. We make sustainable choices across the whole chain. Sustainable growing has the highest priority, but we also want to stop food waste. And we are committed to healthy people and running a healthy business. 

We believe that sustainable growing is only possible in the future by continuing to learn and innovate. We bring together traditional greenhouse horticulture and organic growing, to combine what is best of technology and ecology. Together, we can resolve the challenges of the future and work on a sustainable cultivation. 

Discover the sustainable goals we aim for and how we work on achieving them on our sustainability website.

Sustainability is in our DNA.
"We aim to grow salads in a climate-neutral way by 2040."

Our sustainability policy.

Our vision of providing everyone with access to healthy, nutritious, and delicious food every day is underlined by our sustainability policy. This policy is based on three pillars: healthy people, healthy planet, and healthy business. This is  all firmly rooted in the foundations of our business:

We are the source of a healthy life.

This is what we stand for. And that's a solid promise.

As solid as our house.