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We are Harvest House. And we are an international association of passionate growers. It is our belief that everyone in the world must have access to healthy, nutritious, and delicious food.
That is why we use innovative and sustainable methods to grow high-quality salads. Together with our chain partners, we ensure that these salads take the most efficient route from the greenhouses to the consumers – resulting in the best price and the most appealing product appearance.
We get things done. We do things right, do things with no ifs or buts, do things our way, and do things together. Together, we can achieve more. We know the supply chain and we know our market. We also understand consumers’ needs.
We excel at bringing together the right people and knowledge.
Professionals with expertise in nature, food, technology, and processes. In this way, we will create a good chain that is relevant in the world and ensures the success of all parties involved.

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