A. en G. van den Bosch

A. en G. van den Bosch


“It’s never boring. Founders Aad and Gerard established a fantastic company and impressed their enthusiasm on my brother Bart and I, as well as on our brother Rik who is now growing tomatoes in France for the French market.​

We are market leaders in beef tomatoes and have an extremely diverse customer base throughout Europe. We supply some 38 million beef tomatoes a year in any desired packaging, sorted according to any size or weight you can imagine, per tomato or by weight, and from extra green to stunning red. Being able to offer such customisation at this scale is what makes us stand out.”​

Petra van den Bosch​
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"We are market leaders in beef tomatoes."

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Certifications​: Global Gap, GRASP, Nurture, Planet Proof, SMETA​


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