Agro Care

Agro Care

Rilland, Wieringermeer, De Lier, El Hamma (Tunisia), Agadir (Marocco)​

“We founded Agro Care in 1997. We think you become more professional if you cooperate with others rather than trying to do everything yourself. Philip and I also started as a result of a collaboration and this is reflected throughout our entire company history. ​

We want to remain independent and aim to manage all parts of the chain, from seed to IT and from labour to packaging. This enables us to keep control of the process, keep the chain as short as possible and offer the customer the very freshest product for a fair price. By cooperating with colleague growers we also help each other progress. There is an open culture in horticulture and we have achieved so much through our open approach towards other growers.”​

Kees van Veen
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"You become more professional if you cooperate with others."

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Certifications​: Global Gap, GRASP, Nurture, Planet Proof, Fairtrade


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