Bosch kwekerij

Bosch kwekerij


“What I really love about growing is working with plants. I was already interested in this as a young boy; it’s something I grew up with. I do seek a challenge though, which is why I chose green sweet peppers; a complex plant. You need to make quick adjustments to keep the plant in balance. ​

It is also important to select the right time to harvest them. Each sweet pepper starts with a green fruit, which then colours red, yellow or orange, but the variety we grow is meant to be eaten green. The fruit stays green for a long time and is a good size. Once the skin is smooth and tight, they’re ready for harvesting.”​

Jaco van den Bosch​
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"The green pepper is a complex plant".

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Certifications​: Global Gap, GRASP, Nurture, ​



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