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Kwekerij Andijk


“We founded Kwekerij Andijk in 2013 with a tight-knit group of sweet pepper growers. We are a close group of people who have been collaborating for a long time and really trust each other. That mutual trust is the foundation of our success. We built our second greenhouse in 2016 and built greenhouse number 3 in 2018. We now have a total of 25.1 hectares of red sweet peppers. ​

What makes us unique is that we hardly use any natural gas these days. We generally heat our greenhouse using geothermal energy, and heat from biomass. We also use heat pumps. This means that we only need 4.4 million m3 of natural gas per year, whereas we used to consume an annual 17.5 million m3.”​

Arco Vreugdenhil​
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"We are a close group of people and we really trust each other."

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Certifications​: Global Gap, GRASP, Nurture, Planet Proof​

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