Tuinbouwbedrijf Kees Stijger

Tuinbouwbedrijf Kees Stijger


“We have a relatively small horticultural business of 2.5 ha where we grow three colours of tomatoes. They differ not only in colour but also in flavour. The orange is full and robust, the red has a slightly sweet flavour and the yellow tomato is fresh and juicy.​

I’m busy with nature the whole day, which is fantastic. Every day we ensure that the plants have the best conditions for growth. Each colour of tomato grows best in different conditions. We make sure we have a good strong producing crop, so that we can harvest the most delicious tomatoes. We sell the orange, yellow and red tomatoes in mixed packaging, so we need to ensure that always harvest a perfect mix.”​

Kees Stijger​
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"They differ not only in colour but also in flavour."

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Certifications​: Global Gap, GRASP​, Planet Proof


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