Kwekerij de Wieringermeer

Kwekerij de Wieringermeer

Middenmeer, Fandouk Djedid-Nabeul (Tunisia)​

“Feed the world with healthy food”, that is what we are committed to every day. We stand for maximum quality production with attention to the environment, its surroundings and people. For us, sustainable production means growing with as little waste and gas consumption as possible, in combination with low CO2 emissions.
Over the past 10 years, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 77% and reduced our gas consumption from 29,390,000 m3 of gas (with 40ha of cultivation) to 8,599,000 m3, while our cultivation grew to 50 ha. In our recently built greenhouse (Rainbow Middenmeer) of 10.2 hectares, we have no gas at all: we heat this greenhouse with geothermal heat.
Great achievements, but above all, people are central to us. The commitment and involvement, but above all the great sense of responsibility of everyone has brought us this far. It will also help us in the future.”

Peter Steentjes
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"But above all, people are central to us.."

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Certifications​: Global Gap, GRASP, Nurture​

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