Pearls of Taste

Fine vine tomato types

Discover our Pearls of Taste: fine vine tomato types full of flavour. Our growers aim for the best quality and grow the tastiest tomatoes with great passion and care. Because only the best tomatoes can call themselves Pearls of Taste. After harvesting, we select the best vine tomatoes, which are carefully packaged. The tomatoes are daily fresh and directly from the source.

Pearls of Taste

Six vine tomato types

We select the best vine tomatoes

Red Pearl
The Red Pearl cocktail vine tomatoes have a beautiful deep red colour. The tomatoes are mildly sweet and have a highly aromatic, spicy flavour.

Primo Pearl
The Primo Pearl vine tomato has a striking appearance: an elongated and somewhat angular shape. The tomato is medium sweet and has a full tomato flavour.

Petit Pearl
The Petit Pearl mini cherry vine tomatoes have a deep red colour, a beautiful sheen and a lovely round shape. The tomatoes are intensely sweet and full of flavour.

Dolce Pearl
The Dolce Pearl cherry plum vine tomatoes are oval in shape and have a beautiful red colour. This tomato packs a punch with its intensely sweet flavour and spicy notes.

Sweet Pearl
The Sweet Pearl cherry vine tomatoes have a beautiful red colour and are round in shape. This tomato has a rich, sweet flavour with a pleasant hint of tartness.

Roma Pearl
The Roma Pearl cocktail plum vine tomatoes have an unusual, oval shape. The tomato is mildly sweet and extra tasty.


Six vine tomato types

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