Colourful Ladies - the story

Colourful Ladies is a tasty, unique mix of red, yellow, and orange pointed peppers. This mix is the perfect thing to brighten your day. The peppers are deliciously sweet. The three colours almost surpass one another in sweetness with the red and yellow peppers scoring an 8 for sweetness and the orange peppers topping this with a 9! They are perfect as a snack. Pointed peppers are also great when stuffed or grilled on the barbecue.

The Colourful Ladies make up a unique mix as the orange pointed peppers are produced by only one grower in the Netherlands – the young grower Thimo van Marrewijk. He chose to stay away from mass production and focus on red pointed peppers. Growing a cheerful tri-colour mix of these peppers was his ultimate dream. To achieve this dream, he devoted his efforts to developing yellow and orange varieties. With the help of seed breeder Enza, he went in search of the perfect orange variant as it didn’t yet exist. After seven years developing the varieties, Thimo has found the red, yellow, and orange pointed peppers that meet his requirements. Together, they make up the Colourful Ladies.

The pointed peppers are grown with great care and passion. Two months after the young plants are placed in the greenhouse, the first fruits appear. Afterwards, the peppers can be harvested seven months long. Thimo uses natural enemies wherever possible. In addition, the cultivation process is entirely closed: all the water is reused and there is no residual waste. The nursery has therefore been awarded the Planet Proof certificate.

Our guarantees

The mix is available from week 14 to week 45 and always consists of three colours. The flavour and sweetness are consistent throughout the delivery period, as are the length and weight of the peppers. The peppers weigh 90 – 110 grams and the three colours are as identical as possible in the mix.