We are an international association of passionate growers.

We are an international association of passionate growers.

We are an international association of passionate growers.

We are Harvest House

We are Harvest House. And we are an international association of passionate growers. It is our belief that everyone in the world must have access to healthy, nutritious, and delicious food.
That is why we use innovative and sustainable methods to grow high-quality salads. Together with our chain partners, we ensure that these salads take the most efficient route from the greenhouses to the consumers – resulting in the best price and the most appealing product appearance.
We get things done. We do things right, do things with no ifs or buts, do things our way, and do things together. Together, we can achieve more. We know the supply chain and we know our market. We also understand consumers’ needs.
We excel at bringing together the right people and knowledge.
Professionals with expertise in nature, food, technology, and processes. In this way, we will create a good chain that is relevant in the world and ensures the success of all parties involved.

With over 1100 hectares under cultivation, Harvest House is the largest growers’ association for salads. With growing areas in Westland, Oostland, the Wieringermeer polder, and Zeeland, our growers are located throughout the Netherlands and even beyond, in countries like Tunisia, Marocco and Portugal.

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Why Harvest House?

Harvest House connects

Harvest House is more than a payout price. Together with our growers, our mission is to become Europe’s salads specialist. We intend to achieve this not only through our size and our year-round cultivation, but also by serving as a knowledge partner for both grower and retailer. From seed to packaging, at Harvest House we have the knowledge to act as a sounding board and advisor for all partners in the chain.

As salads specialist we offer a wide range of salads. With over 22 varieties of tomatoes and various types of sweet peppers and cucumbers, we can help our customers provide a varied selection of salads Because many of our salads growers employ artificial lighting we can supply this range year round, to the highest quality standards.

However, what makes Harvest House unique is not just our product range. Harvest House growers are innovative and grow with gusto. This is not only evident in their agricultural innovations and extrapolation of trends to the shop shelves but also in their development of new growing areas – the Agriport A7 project at the tip of Noord-Holland, for example, in which our growers have been involved from the start. Agriport A7 is the site of a development project for large-scale greenhouse and open-field crop cultivation. The manner in which large-scale production of fresh vegetables, processing, and logistics have been clustered at Agriport A7 has resulted in its being considered the most modern agro-park in the world. Various growers are also closely involved in cultivation projects abroad, including in Southern Europe and North Africa. Daring to take the lead, that’s our mindset.

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Product Growers Acreage Varieties
Tomatoes 11 571 ha 24
Sweet peppers 36 501 ha 11
Cucumber 3 35 ha 3
Total 46 1107 ha

Strong through collaboration

The strength of the chain

Collaboration is the foundation on which the Harvest House cooperative stands. Not only does Harvest House have around 46 collaborating salads growers, we also work with various other parties in the chain. After all, our products find their way around the globe. That involves not only our own internationals but also many other carefully selected partners. At Harvest House, we are convinced that if we use the knowledge and strength within the chain, we can all enjoy the benefits. Not only for us and our growers, but for everyone.

Global Green Team
Global Green Team is one of Harvest House’s three internationals. It focuses mainly on the markets outside Europe.
For more information about Global Green Team, please visit www.globalgreenteam.nl

Rainbow International BV
Rainbow International (RBI) is a full service supplier of greenhouse vegetables, open-field vegetables, and fruit. With these products, they supply the entire market, both within and outside Europe.
For more information about RBI, please visit www.rainbowinternational.nl

Terra Natura International
Founded by and for growers with the aim of shortening the supply chain and creating a direct link between growers and retailers. TNI focuses primarily on European retail customers.
For more information about TNI, please visit www.tniholland.nl

Food Fellows
The company focuses on production and marketing of processed products as a solution for the residual flows of our vegetables.

Snijpunt specializes in the processing of vegetables into semi-finished products for vegetable cutting companies, caterers, food service suppliers and salad or meal producers.
For more information about Snijpunt, see www.snijpunt.nl

Harvest House Logistics
Within Harvest House Logistics, the logistics activities of our own service providers Rainbow International BV and Global Green Team are located. With our logistics activities we offer total solutions for the storage and shipment of fruit and vegetables, directly from the source. We are strongly focused on service, speed and quality to provide our customers with the most efficient supply chain.

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